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The M&Z Studio Rental for Recording & Mixing

  • Our studio rental rates are as follows: 100 euros per hour *, 300 euros for a 4-hour session, or 550 euros for an 8-hour session.
    * FYI! 1-hour sessions have an additional setup fee of 40€. Sessions lasting 4 and 8 hours already include the setup fee. All bookings include a sound engineer. (Not the producer)

  • To be produced by Marian & Zelimir, price is 1.000 € per song.

  • Guitar studio tracks by Zelimir, price 300 € per song

  • Vocals by Marian or Zelimir, Contact for price quote

  • If you're interested in pricing for full projects that include recording, mixing, producing and video services, please reach out to us directly.

  • Additionally, we provide multi-camera filming options for both recording sessions and your live performances in our studio.

  • If you have a digital mix that you'd like to enhance through our analog console’s summing, we can do that for a fee of 100 euros per song.

  • For those looking for a hybrid mix using both analog and digital equipment, we offer full mix services for 500 euros per song.

  • Contact for more details

Music & Chat Events with Marian & Zelimir Weekly

  • Join us for our weekly event 'Music and Chat with Marian & Zelimir' at The M&Z Studio in Arguineguin, Gran Canaria. Immerse yourself in the world of Marian & Zelimir as you step inside their authentic recording studio environment. Engage in one-on-one conversations with them, interact with fellow guests, and marvel at the captivating memorabilia they have amassed over the years. This includes unique collections of custom-made shoes and boots, extravagant stage outfits, and rare musical instruments sourced from around the globe. Conclude your experience by enjoying an exclusive and intimate concert by this dynamic duo on their private stage. Tickets are in high demand, so secure yours now to avoid disappointment!

  • These VIP events have a limited number of seats available and are not open to children under the age of 15. The doors will open at 18:00 and close promptly at 18:30 for the start of the concert.

  • Visit HERE for the tickets

Private Vocal and Singing coaching with Marian Aas Hansen

  • Unlock your vocal potential with the guidance of renowned singer Marian Aas Hansen at the M&Z Studio, nestled on the breathtaking island of Gran Canaria. Immerse yourself in a world of refined techniques for recording and mesmerizing live performances.

  • These extraordinary sessions are available for 100€ per hour, with an enticing 20% discount offered for bulk lesson packages of 5 or more. Online lessons are also available for those unable to attend in person, ensuring accessibility for all aspiring singers.

  • Book HERE

Private Rock and Roll, Country and Blues Guitar lessons with Zelimir

  • Unleash your inner rockstar with Zelimir's guitar lessons! Master the electrifying sounds of Rock'n'Roll, Blues, and Country and become a true guitar virtuoso. Join the M&Z Studio and let Zelimir guide you through mind-blowing riffs and powerful chords. Experience the thrill of jamming around the studio with Zelimir's collection of electric and acoustic guitars, amplifiers, and guitar processors. And that's not all! Discover the secrets of guitar recording techniques, uncover mind-blowing tricks, and so much more!

  • All this for just 100€ per 1hr. Get a whopping 20% discount when you book lessons in bulks of 5 or more!

  • Book HERE

Masterclasses, consulting, lessons

  • Consult with Marian and Zelimir, experienced industry professionals in the field of Music Business. Gain valuable support and deepen your understanding of production techniques, recording methods, musical instrument proficiency, vocal training, touring strategies, and navigating the competitive music industry. Marian and Zelimir possess over three decades of show business expertise, providing you with a wealth of knowledge. Additionally, engage in discussions regarding your projects, creative ideas, or any topic of interest.

  • Enjoy one hour of personalized consultation with Marian & Zelimir for the price of 100 Euros. Perfect for individuals or groups seeking professional guidance.

  • Contact for more information

The M&Z Studio Rental for Music Video & Filming Shoots

  • If you are interested in shooting your music video or film/tv scenes at The M&Z Studio, don't hesitate to get in touch with us by emailing

Promotion of your establishment on our Social Media

  • Calling all restaurant owners, bar enthusiasts, and beauty lovers! Here's an awesome opportunity to drive more attention to your place. Just invite Marian & Zelimir over, and they'll document their visit on their Social Media accounts. Get ready for some serious promotion power!

  • Contact for info

Order a special song by M&Z. Performed, filmed and posted online

  • Unlock the door to an enchanting world of romance and let Marian & Zelimir weave their musical magic. Whether you're commemorating an anniversary, surprising your loved one on their birthday, or simply seeking a heartfelt gesture, they will sing and film their rendition of your person's favorite song or a melodic birthday tribute. As you listen to the mesmerizing notes and witness the sincere emotions captured in this musical masterpiece, you'll realize that every second was worth it. And if you want this extraordinary moment to reach beyond your special bond, it can be shared on their social media accounts, spreading warmth and love to all who hear it.

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